Delta Gamma co-programmed with the OUIS (OU India Society) to present Henna Night in order to benefit Baal Dan Charities. OUIS was able to sell $3 tickets to get food and drink, and then also do henna for a charge as well.

Baal Dan is an organization that benefits impoverished children (mostly orphans and street children) in Asia, Africa, North America and South America by supporting their basic needs and social welfare. This philanthropy was something that I am very passionate about and I was glad that while I was enjoying samosas and mango lassi, I was donating my money for a good cause and supporting a strong cultural organization on campus.

I really enjoyed learning about this philanthropy, enjoying Indian food, and watching others get Henna and learn the significance of the art. It made me happy to be a part of an organization that supported other groups on campus, especially multicultural groups in this time of tense race relations in politics. Just this afternoon, I witnessed a man on the South Oval aggravate Black Lives Matter activists and spew words of hate while wearing a Donald Trump button. While not much came of it, it was hard to see someone so publicly promote hatred and violence.

I am grateful to be a Global Engagement Fellow in a program that encourages learning about other cultures, and loving others though they may be different.