This semester, I was part of a reading group that read two children’s novellas. The Breadwinner and Habibi are two novels that address issues in the Middle East through the lens of children, something new and different than the majority of what we hear in the United States today. My main focus has mostly been on Latin America and Spain simply because I was studying Spanish. However, I was deeply intrigued by this reading group and the subject of these novels. Wanting to broaden my horizons, I learned so much from coming to our little book club and discussing a novel.

Literature is something very dear to me, and I truly missed being able to read something and discuss it. This book club was a lovely outlet for me to do something I love and learn more about a subject I am not very familiar with. The Breadwinner followed the journey of a young girl named Parvana and how her life was affected by Taliban rule in the Afghanistan. It’s an amazing story that I would recommend to anyone, especially those that may not have large exposure to issues in the Middle East. I was thankful for the group to be able to give me a lot of the background on area, culture, and important issues that made the book an easier read.

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